“EB is one of the most intuitive teachers I have ever met. She practices from an understanding of human reality rather than abstract concepts of perfection. EB teaches that life is ‘a series of attempts’ and that it is in the attempt that the lesson is learnt. My lousy and terrible Warrior Number One is as valid and perfect as anyone else's, ever. That is life changing.”


“You are always THERE, no matter what seems to be going on in your life you always seem to be really present in your classes bringing your life into the yoga you teach. You are incredibly POETIC in the way you teach yoga - using beautiful and new language to describe the subtleties of the body and breath. You seem to truly believe in the power and worth of each and every pose you teach. I always feel like you absolutely love yoga. Your classes are whole, and full and beautiful, kind of like artworks in themselves. They have constants to them but they are also always evolving as you seem to evolve with yoga through your own life. I am always amazed that I have attended your classes for over 10 years and I never get bored :) You also seem to really value the people who attend your classes and to connect with them - the oldies and the newies.”


“I have been going to Elizabeth’s yoga classes for about 5 years and I would never have persisted for so long if it wasn’t for the unique qualities that she brings to every class. No class is ever the same, and Elizabeth’s wise, witty, and often eccentric commentaries keep me constantly entertained. Whether you are old, young, stiff, flexible, new to yoga or an old hand, Elizabeth adapts to suit everyone – not an easy task when there is no advance knowledge of who will turn up to class. Elizabeth promotes well-being and self-acceptance, giving everyone a sense of achievement. As well as practising the asanas, we learn about spirituality, physiology, Indian music, and all manner of strange and wonderful things.”


“Elizabeth has been my private Yoga teacher in 3 one hour sessions each week for 11 years. During that time I have moved from novice to adept. Her approach and gentle pressure means that I am always physically challenged at just the right level of stretch. Over that time we have also moved into a balanced mix of Asanas and meditation where the mindfulness of Yoga Nidra comes without any new age bullshit and mystic mumbo jumbo. She rocks!”


“Elizabeth Bell used to teach art and she brings an artist’s sensibility to her yoga teaching. She is always finding new ways to get us into poses and out of them; she finds herself trying something new all the time. She is a creative and original person. She's an eccentric, inspiring, beautiful and optimistic person, who doesn't take herself too seriously. I have had many yoga teachers over the years and I really rate her and her classes as among the best I've been to: she gives us permission to relax, to breathe, to take time out from the madness of the 'real world' and experience the inner world of yoga, the breath, meditation.”


“Elizabeth brings total presence to each class and conveys total commitment and passion. She weaves multi-layered classes where art, humour, mindfulness and physical challenge. effortlessly combine to inspire and guide students at all levels through yoga practice. I am grateful to Elizabeth for seemingly intuiting my physical and mental needs when I arrive to each class and pushing my yoga practice to a deeper and more satisfying level. I feel truly blessed to have access to her skills as a gifted yoga teacher.”